Seems like everyone asks me how my father decides what to paint. The answer is that he is always looking. He always has a camera and a sketch book close by if he is in “seeking” mode. Sometimes he paints on scene, but usually he either captures a snapshot or draws a quick sketch to ignite inspiration at a later date. Frequently he and I will go out at dusk or dawn and let our eyes be captivated and drawn to the most striking scenery — illuminated by the imaginative contrast of light and shadow. Since photography is my preferred medium, I look to find & create strong images that intrigue me in some way. My dad looks to find subjects that he will want to paint in studio. We usually spend about three hours on these trips, light permitting.

I’ve included a few snapshots on one of our most recent forays above.

I have also recently discovered some of his old sketch books. The sketch posted here in this post is one from a sketchbook he filled between September 1948 through November 1949 (he was 18 only years old!).

Bill Suttles, taking pictures as reference and inspiration.

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