Bill suttles is a lifetime fan of the early classic jazz of the twenties and the later New Orleans style jazz by musicians like Louis Armstrong, Jo Oliver, and Mugsy Spanier. He was very into the jazz scene in Chicago while he was at art school in the 40’s. For him, the free improvisational style of music played in the early years by the whole ensemble, and then the later break-out solos of the New Orleans style jazz translates well with the broad calligraphic marks, colors, and spirit he incorporates into his abstract painting. All of this collection’s titles are derived from jazz titles or jazz artists (Tin Roof Blues– Louis Armstrong; It’s Only A Paper Moon – Harold Arlan and Billy Rose). He just tells his Amazon Alexa which songs to play, she finds them, and he just starts painting away….   –todd Suttles

The District Gallery

The District Gallery – Knoxville, TN
The District Gallery – Knoxville, TN
Tin Roof Blues
Improvisation, Take Two
Improvisation, Take One
Goin To Chicago